Alex Dickinson

Currently doing art foundation at MMU

I know i’ve not posted here in ages and i’m going to try get back on with this blog, i’ve got a lot of work to upload - Stay tuned.

…and Alexander wept for there were no more worlds left to conquer


T-shirt I’ve made for first final project! Image and idea

T-shirt I’ve made for first final project! Image and idea

Oh dear i fell off my bike and i’m missing my swedish Massage - passing comment from didsbury local (Nick Barton)

These are the illustrations from my MMU art foundation end of year exhibit which runs from the 16th to the 21st at MMU and i highly recommend it as there is some awesome work on show. my topic was ‘The Art of Cycling’ and i did a load of illustrations from my local ride.

The brief was to do 6 extensions to one of our previous projects, i chose the big issues ‘ride to work’ project because i felt it had the most potential.

This project was to show a visual representation of a well know idiom, i chose to do ‘to keep one’s head above water.’ The thinking behind this piece was that when we think of money and trying to stay afloat we think about working and people in suits are the cliche image of people at work. The water cooler tank was another piece of office/work imagery and i thought it would be good to show filling with water. I did the final image using my graphics tablet on ‘Artrage’ and ‘Photoshop.’ 

This was another piece i did for my Big Issues Project, i thought the slogan was funny and as we were told to think of ways in which we could use our pieces i thought that this would make a good advertising campaign. The Bike, Car and the Ride To Work are made from metal wire which i bent into shape using a pair of pliers. 

This is work from the BIG ISSUES project, i chose to do my slogan of Ride To Work because my issue was the increased price of travel. i took some pictures of myself and friends on bikes and used my tablet to draw them out. The typography is parts of the bike which look most like the letters cut from pictures of bikes and the background is tire prints from where I’ve rolled a tire through ink and onto paper.